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Sanskrit (Wiktionary)[1] definition[]


  • From the root श्रम् (√śram, “to be or become weary or tired, be tired of doing anything”)


श्रमण • (śramaṇá)

  1. making effort or exertion, toiling, labouring, (esp.) following a toilsome or menial business
  2. base, vile, bad
  3. naked


श्रमण • (śramaṇá) m

  1. one who performs acts of mortification or austerity, an ascetic, monk, devotee, religious mendicant
  2. a Buddhist monk or mendicant (also applied to Buddha himself; also applied to a Jain ascetic now commonly called yati)
  3. name of a serpent-demon

Related term: आश्रम (āśrama)[2][]


आश्रम • (ā-śrama) m or n

  1. hermitage, the abode of ascetics, the cell of a hermit or of retired saints or sages; ashram
  2. a stage in the life of a Brahman (of which there are four corresponding to four different periods or conditions, namely 1st, ब्रह्मचारिन् (brahmacārin, “student of the veda”); 2nd, गृहस्थ (gṛha-stha, “householder”); 3rd, वानप्रस्थ (vānaprastha, “anchorite”); and 4th, संन्यासिन् (saṃnyāsin, “abandoner of all worldly concerns”), or sometimes भिक्षु (bhikṣu, “religious beggar”); in some places the law-givers mention only three such periods of religious life, the first being then omitted)
  3. hut built on festal occasions
  4. college, school
  5. wood, thicket
  6. (masculine) name of a pupil of Pṛthvī-dhara


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